I am 71 years old and am retired living in Greenfield, Indiana. I have worked in several building trades but got out of that at an early age and discovered the love of my life….that being a visual artist. I did many art fairs along with work in galleries.

I have many interests and am always involved with something...always a number of things going on at the same time. Such as: art, wood or stone carving, restoration and digitizing of the old family movies, photography and on the physical side…..recumbent trike riding (nearly 30,000 miles in a little over five years) and walking.

As to the photography, I have a website if you are interested: www.indianaplaces.yolasite.com And now as you will read below….I am back into stereoviews.

Now of course I can’t do everything all of the time. However, when I am doing something….I immensely enjoy it. I hope to share my artwork sometime in the future on another website.


My original stereoview website was made in 2004 and was on the Internet until Spring of 2006. There were 387 stereoviews displayed and I had many more to make and publish. (Still do)

It was while I was wintering in Florida and was away from the Internet except for a few times at the library that I noticed I didn’t have a site. It had been hacked and all of my bandwidth stolen. I didn’t understand at the time what had happened and let it drop. In addition to this both of my cameras were damaged in time and consequently I drifted away from being involved with stereoviews.

I am now undertaking the task of making stereoviews from many of the photographs taken during that period of time. This is quite a job as not only do I need to make new stereoviews but due to higher computer resolution and monitors I am maker larger images while at the same time renaming and numbering the finished views. In addition to this the making of a new website will take a considerable amount of time and will be very slow.

This website is primarily for showing my stereoviews for others to enjoy. Stereoviews of places, such as trails and parks I have placed them in an order as if you were there taking the tour along with a few comments for interest and information.  I have  also added   maps of the areas for those like me that like to know where a place is located. ​

Please come back and visit occasionally as I add more views. I hope you enjoy them.


I will not comment much on this subject as there are so many websites that explain this subject better than I can or wish to do. Eventually I will have a link page that will guide you to them.

Parallel stereoviews are my favorite method as they are most natural looking. Two photographs are taken side by side at the exact same moment and then placed together for viewing. Special viewers or glasses are used to give the 3d effect.

It works on the same principal as our eyes, two slightly different views of the same scene and our brain makes of it resulting in 3d.

If you have or buy a pair of strong reading glasses, 3.5 strength works well and simply place a piece of tape (duct of course) in the middle….it works. More on that later on my “Glasses” page.