Civil War Days

Hartford City, Indiana

October 7-9 2004

I stopped at the Lapel exit and waited twenty minutes trying to decide if I should continue on to the show, as it was dark and raining.  I went on and by the time I  got to Hartford City, it had turned into a sunny day.

I ended up with nearly sixty good stereoviews to put on this website. Below are ten stereoviews to start it off with.

Above are the comments on my original website in 2004. Unfortunately, I have lost most all of my photographs. I have 15 of them posted on this new site.

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Union Camp 

Union Camp

Union Camp

Folding the flag.

Camp Fire Cooking

Woman cooking elk and beef roasts. After cooking for a while the pot is placed in a hole in the ground and covered with coals and/or hot ashes, and then soaked burlap is placed over that. Earth is shoveled on top as the woman is doing in the photo. Thus,  natural crock pot cooking.

Union Artillery Camp Tent

This lady was very nice to talk to and gave me a lot of information. She also bought a pair of stereoview glasses and I hope she is enjoying the stereoviews.

Union Artillery Cannon

Old 587 steam locomotive. I was hoping for a good photo, but it is undergoing a 15 year inspection and cleaning. It sat on display in Broad Ripple park for nearly 30 years. I remember seeing it there in the 1950's.

Union Artillery

Union Drill

Abe Lincoln

A decent look alike.

Confederate Officers

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