Springmill State Park

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Springmill village is located within Springmill State Park located about two east of Mitchell, Indiana. I have the location marked as a "Gold" dot on the Indiana map to the right.

The village was founded around 1814 and was a thriving community until the late 1800's It had several owners but the most successful were Hugh and John Hamer from Albany, New York settling here in 1825.

The mainstay of the village was the limestone grist mill built in 1818. The water source comes from a cave on the nearby hillside by way of a wooden flume.

There are about twenty buildings now that comprise the village including a tavern, distillery, office, meeting house and a few others including some residences.

For more information and a detailed history of the restoration please click HERE.

To the left is a map of the village. About a 1000 feet or so to the right (east) of the Sheeks house is the village parking lot on the north side of Mill creek. There is a picnic area, restrooms and a popular area for the kids to play.

I will arrange the stereoviews as if on a tour beginning at this area. We will first view the Sheeks, Granny White and Munson houses and than take a view of the mill from near the Granny White house. Next we will take a walk on the east side of Mill creek to the falls and back and another walk to the falls on the west side of the creek and back.

Views of the mill, distillery, tavern and carpenter shop will be next. Following will be the school, office and the Hamer houses.

We will take a look at the garden and the Garden house and then the blacksmith shop and meeting house. We will have somewhat of a view of the Spring and Carriage houses.

To end the tour I will show the overviews of the village. There are about 150 views and I have put ten on a page for loading purposes.

To make the images larger or smaller press Ctrl & the + or - keys

Mill creek

This view is looking west toward the village from near the parking lot.

There are restrooms and a picnic area.

Mill creek

Looking downstream, the parking lot is in the distance.

Mill creek

There are so many nice views of Mill creek.

The walk toward the village

The concession stand is in the distance.

Mill creek

Mill creek

Mill creek

The foot bridge between two trees.

Sheeks house

Looking southwest.

Sheeks house

A closer look. The gristmill is in the distance.

Looking southwest.

Sheeks house

Looking southeast in the afternoon.

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