Hocking Hills State Park

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Hocking Hills State Park is a non-contiguous state park in the Hocking Hills region of Hocking County, Ohio. The picturesque 2,348-acre park contains seven separate sections: Ash Cave, Cantwell Cliffs, Cedar Falls, Conkle's Hollow, Old Man's Cave, Rock House and Whispering Cave.

There are caves, cliffs, waterfalls, gorges, rocks and many trails and is surrounded by nearly 10,000 acres of Hocking State Forest.

I visited the area in 2004 and took many photos for stereoviews of Ash Cave, Old Man’s Cave, Rock House and a few of Cantwell Cliffs area and of Cedar Falls.

I will show all of them in one listing beginning with Ash Cave and each page will have ten views. If you wish to view a certain area you may simply click on link listed in the preceding paragraph.

I hope you enjoy the stereoviews.

Ash Cave

is a 700-foot horseshoe shaped recessed cave. The recess is 100 feet deep and the total height is 90 feet and if conditions are right there will be a slender waterfall. It is the largest recessed cave in Ohio.

My first visit to the cave was in the evening and I didn’t take my cameras as I didn’t think I would get good photos. But as I neared the cave there was a diffused lighting of the whole area because of the hills and dense woods. The whole area was so beautiful, quiet and eerie as no one else was around and at that moment I wished I had my cameras and tripod. I rushed back to the car and returned as quickly as possible and took a small number of photos of which I will post after the photos I took the following day.

As usual….I hope you enjoy.

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Ash Cave Trail

This view is shortly before reaching Ash Cave. The walkway curves through a beautiful narrow gorge of hardwood trees for a quarter of a mile before reaching Ash Cave.


Ash Cave Trail

Rock formation on the way to the cave.


Ash Cave Trail

In this view, Ash Cave is in the distance where the people are standing.


Ash Cave

This is an early view of the cave. At this point, you are near the far left end of the cave.

This view was taken in the morning.


Ash Cave

A closer look.


Ash Cave

Looking up at the cave ceiling and the rim.


Ash Cave

Looking to the right after proceeding a short distance farther.


Ash Cave

A closer view.


Ash Cave

Looking at the left end of the cave.


Ash Cave

A closer look at the left end.

More to come!


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